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The beauty of a Barn Quilt is undeniable! Barn quilt blocks are gaining in popularity   
throughout Ontario they are used not only on barns, but garages, fences, the side of
houses, and even businesses.

Ideal for gifts and making an artistic statement by enhancing the aesthetics of your property.

The pattern for a particular barn quilt may be chosen for myriad reasons. Often the barn
quilt is a replica of a painted quilt that resides on the property or honors a loved one.           
A pattern may be selected because of its name; Corn and Beans is popular among
farmers. Sometimes, the barn quilt is simply one whose pattern is appealing to either its
creators or its owners.

We will custom hand paint your barn block to coordinate with your colours, in the block
design of your choice, or we can choose for you.  The blocks are painted onto premium
exterior grade plywood and the sizes are 2 feet square, 4 feet square or 8 feet square.   
We use premium environment friendly exterior paint for years of durability against UV rays,
fading and wear.
Broken Wagon Wheel with Oak and Acorn insert  4x4 ft
New Shining Star   8x8 ft
Southern Star 4x4 ft
Flying Geese Barn Quilt Block being installed onto a
customer's barn & Sho Fly Block painted on Barn door.
Four Seasons Custom 8x8 ft Block
Ready For delivery.
First Place Sullivan County Fair 2012
Endless Mountains Before & After Gas
US & Canadian Flag 2x2 ft Blocks
Four Seasons Custom 8x8 ft Block
Mounted On Barn
New Shining Star 4x4 ft Block
Custom Hand Painted
Barn Quilt  Blocks
                                                           About Barn Quilt Blocks

The art and display of Barn Quilts originated in the US and can be traced back almost 300 years with the arrival of immigrants from the
Rhine region of Germany. They came for religious freedom. These groups included Amish, Mennonites, Lutherans and other Reform
groups. Many settled in Pennsylvania, especially in Berks, Lancaster and Lehigh counties. The designs can still be found in the Amish
communities today in Pennsylvania as well as Ontario where many Crown Loyalists resettled after the American Revolution.
Painting a distinctive quilt pattern on their barns was a way of allowing for decoration as well as a way for navigating the sparsely
populated colonial countryside and the designs were also believed to protect the farm and bring good fortune as well. Travellers would
look for to particular patterns marking cross roads and family farms. “Head west until you reach North Star, keep to the right a ways until
you see the Broken Wheel then you have reached the Wallace farm.” A quilt hung from the porch or tree in the yard as well as quilt blocks
painted on barns were used as navigation points for the Underground Railroad.

By the early 1900’s decorating barns with colourful hex designs and quilt blocks had peaked and this art form slowly gave way to painting
commercial advertisements such as Red Man Chewing Tobacco and Mail Pouch.

Today barn quilts are rapidly gaining popularity again with more and more becoming visible throughout Pennsylvania and Ontario. Unlike
the past quilt blocks are not only found on barns but on almost any type of building, from the traditional barn, houses, garages, sheds,
downtown business buildings, and even churches. Quilt blocks are also mounted on gates, fence posts or just mounted on two posts and
displayed in the yard or a park.

Barn quilt squares have made an impact on tourism with Quilt Trails being developed in many states in the US as well as here in Ontario.
Tourists visiting the area as well as local citizens enjoy a Sunday drive on the Quilt Trail through towns and farm country to see the barn
Square In A Square Star   4x4ft
Spinning Star   8x8 ft
Ridgeway Blazing Star   8x8 ft
Prices are 2x2 $75.00, 3x3 $150.00, 4x4 $250.00 and 8x8 $450.00.
Free delivery up to 25 miles.
Call and come over to the farm to see our barn quilt blocks and decide which design you want for yours!
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