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Homestead Ministries International Is A Christian Service Ministry
                 Serving Canada & The United States

Wedding Ministry: serving couples in Ontario, NY & PA
Pulpit Supply Ministry: Sunday services
Clergy Services: baptisms, dedications, & funerals
Counselling: marital & premarital, chronic pain
Visitation: hospital, nursing home, shut-ins
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Rev. John & Janie Wallace
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Reverend John and Janie Wallace are from a long family line of farming dating back to
colonial times in Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada. After nearly twelve years of organic
farming in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, they have moved their farming operation to escape
the environmental and health hazards of the unregulated drilling and fracking operations of the
Marcellus Shale Gas industry ravaging northern Pennsylvania.

They have established their new home and family farm in the beautiful environmentally
protected area of Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada, on the fertile Niagara peninsula. John and
Janie are committed to sustainable farming methods and strive to operate their farm in an
environmentally sound manner.

Our goal is to be good stewards of the Lord's earth, to naturally produce healthy animals and
crops, and to promote a healthy lifestyle. A portion of our bounty is donated to the needy.